Connecting dApps with Wallets

One SDK for Tezos dApp developers to seamlessly connect to multiple wallets – fully customizable

One SDK to connect them all

Beacon supports Browser, Mobile, Desktop, Web and Hardware wallets.
npm install --save @airgap/beacon-sdk
import { DAppClient } from "@airgap/beacon-sdk";
const dAppClient = new DAppClient({ name: 'Beacon Example' })
try {
const permissions = await dAppClient.requestPermissions()
console.log('Got permissions', permissions.address)

For developers,
by developers

Built with simplicity in mind.

Get started just with a few lines of codes, your dApp will be already able to communicate with all the compatible wallets.

Use it out of the box,
or adapt it to your needs

Don’t like the UI components? Change them.

You can completely hide all the Beacon UI components and develop an interface for your unique needs.

Completely decentralized.

No centralized relay servers involved.

Messages between wallets and dApps are sent encrypted over the decentralized Beacon network based on the matrix protocol.

A glimpse into the Beacon ecosystem


These amazing wallets support Beacon and let you interact with dApps.


AirGap makes self-custody simple and secure. Securely store your tez with the unique two device approach where one device is completely offline, delegate your Tez from cold storage and earn rewards. AirGap’s focus is on accessible security.
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Galleon is a smart wallet for Tezos. Galleon is a deployment of Tezori, an open source wallet framework for Tezos, supporting both software and hardware wallets in eight languages on Mac, Windows and Linux.
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Kukai is a Tezos web wallet based on three principles: Security, Community and Reliability. Kukai supports HD wallets, Ledger connection and DirectAuth for one-Click login with your Google, Reddit or Twitter account.
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Spire is a light-weight Beacon enabled Browser Extension for simple interaction with Tezos dApps. Spire connects Desktop, Web, Mobile or Hardware Wallets like Ledger Nano and is the bridge between Beacon-compatible dApps.
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Cryptocurrency wallet for the Tezos blockchain as a Web Extension for your Browser. Temple wallet has support for multiple accounts, delegation, FA1.2 and FA2 assets and is able to interact directly with Beacon-compatible dApps.
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Umami is a Tezos desktop wallet that combines best-in-class features to deliver a smooth user experience for both beginner and advanced users.
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dApps that use Beacon to simplify the interaction with wallets for their users. Are you using Beacon and your dApp is missing? Let us know.


Developer libraries that integrate Beacon.


Taquito is a TypeScript library suite for development on the Tezos blockchain, for smart contract interactions. Supports Beacon in the Taquito Wallet API.
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All the Beacon components

Are you ready to start playing around with Beacon? Select your tooling of choice.